Train Transfers To and From São Paulo - Guarulhos Airport

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Sao Paulo Airport Train Transfers

Sao Paulo Airport offers an Express Train service between the airport and the city of Sao Paulo. From the airport, one-way tickets cost around 4 BRL (USD .78) to the city center.

Sao Paulo's airport train station is near the parking lot of Terminal 1. Free shuttle services run every 15 minutes from Terminal 1 between Sao Paulo Airport and the train station. Getting to the central portion of the city using the train will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

CPTM Line 13-Jade connects Guarulhos, São Paulo Airport and Engenheiro Gourlat. Many transfers to other CPTM lines and the subway system may be required to get you to your destination in the heart of Sao Paulo (about 3 or 4). From Engenheiro Gourlat, Line 12-Safira is the best way to get to Tatuapé and Brás, two stations closer to Sao Paulo's heart.