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Sao Paulo Airport - All Information on Sao Paulo Airport (GRU)

São Paulo - Guarulhos Airport (GRU) São Paulo - Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

São Paulo - Guarulhos Airport

Rod. Hélio Smidt, s/nº - Aeroporto, Guarulhos - SP, 07190-100, Brazil
+55 (11) 2445-2945
+55 11 2445-2945 (Lost + Found)
(+5511) 6488-8476 (fax)
Sao Paulo Airport - All Information on Sao Paulo Airport (GRU)

Sao Paulo Airport (IATA: GRU; ICAO: SBGR), also known as Guarulhos International Airport, is the primary airport servicing Sao Paulo and one of Brazil's busiest airports. It's located in Guarulhos, 25 km northeast of downtown Sao Paulo. It is also known as São Paulo/Guarulhos – Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport or simply Sao Paulo Airport. Governor Montoro was a former senator and lawyer.

The Sao Paulo International Airport is one of the largest facilities in Brazil and was formerly referred to as the Cumbica Airport. Spread over 13,774 kilometers, Infraero, Invepar SA, and the Airports Company of South Africa manage it.

The airport was officially opened on January 20, 1985. Guarulhos quickly became the city's primary airport, replacing the Congonhas. In 1989, the facility was expanded, its terminals were renovated, and the airport's capacity increased from 7.5 million to 8 million passengers per year.

The Sao Paulo Airport is a hub for TAM Airlines, Azul Brazilian Airlines, GOL Transportes Aereos, and Avianca Brazil.

The airport has three passenger terminals. The smallest and simplest of the airport's terminals, Terminal 1, is being utilized mainly by Azul Airlines. The oldest and largest of the airport's terminals, Terminal 2 has the rest of the domestic and a few international flights, specifically flights from the US and Latin America. The newest and most modern of the airport's facilities, Terminal 3, is mainly used by LATAM Group for its international flights. It also features five gates that can accommodate the A380.

There are a variety of services available at the Sao Paulo International Airport. Among these are free Wi-Fi, ATMs, a baby care facility, currency exchange, duty-free stores, and food and drink options.

Arrivals, Departures and Airlines at Sao Paulo Airport

Transfer Services at Sao Paulo Airport

The airport offers, as you would expect, various transportation options, including taxis, buses, and car rentals. Public transportation and private vehicles are available to get to the city center.

Passengers can also ride the train to the city. Sao Paulo has recently added an Express Train service between the airport facility and the city.

Rental Car Services at Sao Paulo Airport

You can often get a great deal on car rentals at the airport, and major companies such as Ez Car Rental, Avis, Hertz, and Fab Car Hire offer a wide range of vehicles. Prices range from $11 - $18 per day, depending on the type of vehicle.

It is recommended that travelers book their transportation well in advance due to the high demand during the year. The availability of vehicles can be limited during certain special occasions, such as holidays and summer vacations. See and compare all rental car companies at Sao Paulo Airport.

Taxi Services at Sao Paulo Airport

Sao Paulo Airport's only licensed taxi company is Guarucoop. The cooperative's drivers offer both bilingual and fixed-price services. In addition, payment using a credit card can be made at the taxi booth. Guarocoop operates 24/7, and its white taxis can easily be recognized by their distinctive yellow sign on the roofs.

Taxis offer flat-rate fares, though many prefer to use a taximeter to calculate their prices. Compared to other major cities, they are relatively cheap. For instance, if you want to travel from Sao Paulo Airport in Sao Paulo to downtown Sao Paulo, you can expect to pay around R$90 or USD$16 and R$140 or USD$26 during the night or weekends.

Various factors influence the prices of taxis in Sao Paulo. Some of these include the time of day and night you are traveling and if you are on holiday.

You can book a taxi in advance so you won’t have to wait that long. See more information about taxis at Sao Paulo Airport.

Train Services at Sao Paulo Airport

The city center and other locations in Sao Paulo can also be reached by train. Sao Paulo Airport now offers an Express Train service between Sao Paulo Airport and São Paulo. The CPTM Line 13-Jade covers the area between Guarulhos, Sao Paulo Airport, and Engenheiro Gourlat. You need to change to other CPTM lines and subways (about three or four) to reach key points in Sao Paulo.

The Sao Paulo Airport Station, located near the parking lot of Terminal 1, is about 15 minutes away. Complimentary shuttle services are also available between the airport and the station.

More information about train services near Sao Paulo Airport.

Bus Services at Sao Paulo Airport

The airport has many bus services to help you get around Sao Paulo. These buses are convenient and cost-effective ways to get around this large city. The EMTU bus service is the most popular, covering areas such as the Praca da Republica Square, the Tatuapé Subway Station, and the hotels located along Avenida Paulista. The bus service operates out of Terminals 1 and 2.

The first bus leaves at 6:10 am and the last at 11:10 pm. To buy your ticket, you can contact the EMTU at the airport and pay around R$47.50 or USD$ 8.85.

Other bus services available are LiraBus, Litornea, Transurbano Guarulhos, and Viacao Cometo.

More information about buses to and from Sao Paulo Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Sao Paulo Airport

Several nearby hotels provide free shuttle services from Sao Paulo Airport, such as Sleep Inn Guarulhos and Hampton by Hilton Guarulhos Airport though some charge a minimal fee. There are hotels inside the airport, such as Fast Sleep, Marriott, and Caesar Park, should you wish to rest before you embark on another trip.

To find out about other offers regarding shuttle services, visit our hotel page.

Rideshare Services at Sao Paulo Airport

The Uber ridesharing service is available at Sao Paulo Airport. After you've picked up your bags and exited customs at Terminal 2 or 3, you can use the app to request a driver. Cabify stops are at the exit of the arrival area on the first track. The stop is on the second track if you need a private vehicle. The cost of one-way Uber rides to South Paulo is about R$ 50-70 or USD 9 to USD 13.

99Taxi, Brazil’s biggest e-hailing taxi app is similar to Uber and Cabify in terms of features. But, it provides a different type of transportation service. Instead of a private car, it provides you with a street taxi.

You can download all three apps before your departure.

Parking Services at Sao Paulo Airport

The parking facilities at the Sao Paulo Airport are available 24 hours a day. Terminal 3, for instance, has a garage building that can hold almost 3,000 spaces. The surrounding areas also have long- and short-term parking spaces, 24-hour mechanical service, and night surveillance. Valet parking is only available at Terminal 3. See more information about short and long term parking at Sao Paulo Airport.

There are about 7,000 parking spaces within the airport. Those who need to leave their vehicle safely and securely can choose from three options. These are the economy (access to air cargo terminal), standard (available at Terminals 2 and 3), or premium (a multistorey car park is available at Terminals 2 and 3).

Other Services at Sao Paulo Airport

There are a variety of services available at Sao Paulo Airport. Some of these include fast food outlets and restaurants, as well as shops and retail outlets. Wi-Fi is also available in the terminal, and there are ATM machines.

Currency exchange services are available at some banks: Banca Safra and Banca do Brasil. In addition, there are medical services and luggage storage facilities. The airport also has its own prayer room and post office.

Disabled Services at Sao Paulo Airport

If you are a disabled passenger, the airport also has facilities for passengers with special needs, such as wheelchairs and ramps. In advance, passengers who require special assistance should inform the airlines of their needs.

Wifi at Sao Paulo Airport

Through BOINGO, the Sao Paulo Airport can provide free WiFi for one hour. After that, users can subscribe to an hourly or unlimited plan and use different devices.

Users must first set up the WiFi option for GRU. Then, go to the browser and sign in with an existing account. You can also start an account by clicking the "get online now" button.

Baggage Claim at Sao Paulo Airport

If you are traveling to Guarulhos from another country and have checked your luggage, you can go to the luggage claim area to find the carousel with the appropriate flight number. In some cases, two flights may share the same carousel. You can ask the airport staff for assistance if you have luggage issues.

The 24-hour left baggage office is located inside the arrival area of the main terminal. At the departure area is where you'll find the lost and found department.

Information Desk at Sao Paulo Airport

Please proceed to any information counter should you need assistance of any kind.

Information counters for Infrareo are located in the arrivals and departure areas of Terminals 1 and 2. Tourist information is also available through the ABAV-SP desks in the same area.

Smoking at Sao Paulo Airport

Smoking is prohibited in Sau Paulo Airport except in designated areas outside the facility's terminals.

There is, however, a smoking lounge inside Terminal 3 right after the security check called Bleriot Bar-Pier. It costs USD20 to enter the smoking terrace. The TRYP Hotel inside Terminal 3 has an outdoor garden where smoking is allowed. The admission fee is around USD 25.

Lost and Found Section at Sao Paulo Airport

Those who have misplaced or forgotten their items at the Sao Paulo Airport can get in touch with the Lost & Found Office at Terminal 3 Mezzanine, and they are open from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm. The staff on or call them at +55 11 2445-2945.

Restroom at Sao Paulo Airport

Public restrooms and toilets in Sao Paulo Airport are clean and well-maintained. If you're looking to take a quick shower, you can do so in the various lounges at the airport. These include the Executive Lounge GRU and the Slaviero Fast Sleep Suites. They charge around R$50 or USD 9 for shower-only packages.

The Sao Paulo Airport has 56 baby changing rooms in its three terminals to make traveling easier for parents and babies. These rooms are located in areas that passengers commonly use and are free of charge.

ATMS at Sao Paulo Airport

ATMs and cash machines are located throughout the airport's terminals. Banks such as Bradesco, Banca de Brasil, Ita, Rede, Unibanco, and HSBC operate some of these. Be aware that fees may apply depending on the bank's fee schedule and daily withdrawal limit.

Currency Exchange at Sao Paulo Airport

The local currency used in Sao Paulo is the BRL, also known as Brazil Reals.

There are several currency exchange shops in Terminals 2 and 3, and they're open 24 hours. Although you can easily exchange your money at these establishments, it's important to note that the fees at the airport may be higher so it might be wise to bring a few Brazilian Reals with you. Some of the shops that can be found in these areas include: Cotacao Exchange, BBVA, and Banco Safra.

Food and Beverage at Sao Paulo Airport

Over 50 different dining options, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and cafes, are available at Sao Paulo Airport. These choices range from fast food to international dishes such as pizza and sushi. There are also multiple beverage and food options in Terminals 1, 2, and 3. Many of these establishments are ideal for grabbing a drink.

Shopping at Sao Paulo Airport

The Sao Paulo Airport has several stores that sell various goods and services, such as travel and clothing, cosmetics, pharmacies, books, electronics, and perfumes. The duty-free shop, which can be found in both departure and arrival areas, features some of the world's most prominent beauty brands, such as Dior, Victoria's Secret, and Carolina Herrera.

Pet Relief at Sao Paulo Airport

The Sao Paulo Airport does not have any pet relief areas.

Avoid feeding your pet a full meal right before takeoff if you're taking it on a plane. This will not do them any favors since they will be confined in their crate. Take your pet on a long walk before your flight to stretch his legs. This will help prevent them from getting anxious and being overly nervous during the flight.

Ticketing Services at Sao Paulo Airport

You can purchase your tickets at airline offices at the airport or online. If you need assistance, you can go to any information desk located nearby.

History of Sao Paulo Airport

Because the Congonhas Airport was handling massive amounts of cargo and passengers, the Brazilian government began planning to renovate the country's airport infrastructure in 1967. The research centered on developing new passenger facilities at Galeo Air Force Base and Sao Paulo Air Force Base because they were strategically located.

The Sao Paulo Airport's initial design called for four passenger terminals and three runways. The first phase of construction, which included two runways and two terminals, only began on August 11, 1980. The project was carried out to accommodate the growing demand for flights within Greater Sao Paulo. The airport was also designed to provide international services operating out of South America. On January 20, 1985, the facility was officially opened. By that time, Guarulhos had surpassed Sao Paulo-Congonhas Airport as the city's primary airport.

The airport's runways were extended in 1989, increasing passenger capacity from 7.5 to 8.25 million. The total area of the complex, including the terminals and surrounding area, was approximately 13.86 square kilometers. Terminal 3, which was supposed to handle 12 million passengers per year, was delayed due to economic issues, but it was finally launched in 2011.

In 2010, the airport handled over 27 million passengers, a 25% increase over the previous year. It also had 31% more passengers than the facility's capacity. The airport's management company, Infraero, announced in 2011 that the former Transbrasil and VASP cargo terminals would be renovated and converted into domestic passenger facilities.

Terminal 4 was the initial name given to the new terminal. On February 8, 2012, the first phase of the facility's renovations, which included the former VASP terminal, was completed. In June 2013, the second phase, which included the Transbrasil terminal, was officially opened.

In its first phase, the new terminal increased the facility's passenger capacity by approximately 5.5 million per year. During the second phase, it was already handling 8 million passengers.

The federal government authorized private companies to investigate the possibility of acquiring airport operation and maintenance concessions on April 26, 2011. On February 6, 2012, the airport's administration was transferred to a joint venture comprised of Infraero, an investment and funds society, and a South African airport operator.

The airport's passenger terminals were renumbered in 2015. Terminal 1 has taken the place of Terminal 4. The facilities that used to be Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 now go by the names Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The new numbering system, meant to clarify things, was based on how people entered and moved through the building. The airport was granted permission to operate Airbus A380 services in October 2015. This came after extensive work on the facility's taxiways and runways. The authorization was granted after special taxiing procedures were established and one of the runways was widened.

About Sao Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, which means "Saint Paul," is the capital of Sao Paulo, located in southeastern Brazil. It has an area of over 1,523.0 square kilometers. The government defines the metropolitan area of So Paulo as having a population of 19 million. If we include the neighboring regions, such as Campinas, and Baixada dos Campos, the total number of people living in the area rises to 29 million. As a result, it is one of the world's most populous cities.

A notable nickname for the area is "Sampa." Residents of the city of Sao Paulo are called "Paulistanos," while residents of the state are called "Paulistas." The city's motto is "Non ducor, duco," which means "I am not led, I lead."

Sao Paulo is a major economic and industrial center in South America and a strategic location for multinational corporations. Additionally, it is home to many German and American businesses. It is estimated that the city's gross domestic product was approximately 260 billion reals in 2006.

Despite the Paulistanos' pride in their area, they also have a wide variety of cultural diversity. Sao Paulo is home to many immigrants from various countries, such as Japan, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

The residents of Sao Paulo are known for their passion for sports. The city is also home to several international-class professional football teams. The large Morumbi and Paaembu stadiums are some of the most prominent sports facilities in the area.

The city has one of the largest tracks in the world, situated on the south side of the town. It also has numerous parks, as well as playgrounds and plazas. Although it is overshadowed by the larger cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo's Carnival is a major event for the residents.

Weather in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo in Brazil has some of the country's coolest average temperatures. The city has consistently hot and humid weather throughout the year, but it can sometimes be nice.

The weather in Sao Paulo is variable due to its exposure to different air masses, such as cool air from the ocean and warm air from inland regions. The city can experience 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. People experience temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius or 82 degrees Fahrenheit during winter.

The dry period, which lasts from June to August, is the southern hemisphere's winter. During this time, there can be periods of cold air coming from the south. This period is the best time to visit Sao Paulo. It's the coolest, driest, and sometimes coldest time of year. May is winter with more rain. Fog can also form in winter, especially in the city's outskirts, where temperatures are lower. The temperature rises from August to October during spring, sometimes getting hot.

Useful Contact Details in Sao Paulo

It's important to stay safe when traveling overseas. Although Sao Paulo is relatively safe, there are still precautions that you should take to avoid getting injured or ripped off.

The first thing to remember is that only some people in Sao Paulo speak English. Only approximately 20% of the population does so carry a translation book if you don't speak Portuguese.

Before you start exploring Sao Paulo, you must have a map. This will allow you to navigate the city and find the best places to go if you get lost.

Before leaving for a city trip, ensure your vehicle is in good working order. Doing so will allow you to avoid getting stranded far from your home. Renting a car would give you more flexibility when planning your next move.

Sao Paulo is prone to unpredictable weather, so it's important to keep an eye on the forecast. In addition to wearing the appropriate clothes, you should also keep an umbrella handy.

  • If you're in Sao Paulo and have an emergency, here's what you should do.
  • Contact 190 or your local police if you are a victim of a crime or have witnessed one.
  • If you require medical assistance, dial 192 for an ambulance.
  • Dial 193 for help if you need to report a fire.


Hospital São Camilo – Unidade Santana (Emergency Room)

Address: Voluntários da Pátria, 3693 Santana, São Paulo SP, 02401-300, Brazil

Phone: +55 11 3172-6800

Police Station

Policia Militar

Address: Terminal 2 - near Guarucoop and Airport Bus Service, Sao Paulo Airport, Brazil

Phone: 190

Sao Paulo Airport Contacts

Information: +55 (11) 2445-2945

Cargo Customer Service: +55 (11) 2445-5000

Lost and Found: +55 11 2445-2945

Customer Assistance: +55 (11) 2445-2252

Website: https://www.gru.com.br/en

Local Information

Drive on: Right

Electricity: 127/220V/

Plug Type: C, N

Time at Airport: GMT -03:00 hours

Currency: Brazilian Real (R$)

Language: Portuguese

Wifi At the Airport: Wifi is available at the airport for one hour only. To access the free internet, users must first select the .GRU WiFi option, click "Connect."

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